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My name is Ivana, The Spicy Wife Coach! I'm on a mission helping women keep the SPICE alive so they can live an everlasting IGNITED fire!

Every meeting, group coaching session, or live event I hear 3 things that every single or married spicy ambitious woman have mentioned over the past year: They have said the same thing!

1. They are ready to change and seeking their space of peace and happiness. 

2. They are ready to shift their mindset in this year!

3. They are looking for a community of women that are liked minded and ready to grow! 


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 Those "uns" (unheard, unseen, and unappreciated) can add up and cause unhappiness and discontentment in your life and relationship if left unchecked. 


  • Complacence in marriage or any relationship is a ticking time bomb!
  • Stop Making the Same Mistakes Over & Over but expecting different results.  
  • Uncharted Conversation starters for Spicy Singles.
  • Learn the best fashion style, hair, and make up tips and tricks from experts. 
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 Count your Blessings and not your Disappointments!!!

 "At the time, I didn’t realize that God had placed such a jewel in my life! Ivana has been there for me during some of my happiest moments and darkest days. She has been a, mentor, prayer warrior, marriage counselor and confidant in the struggle of entrepreneurship, relationships and this thing we call life."

 - Sonia P.

"From marriage, career, to kids, Ivana is a gentle heart that has lived through it and has an army of women that can relate."

_ Tahair H.
"She posted September 2020. It's finally here! Just as a women who have been pregnant and waiting for her full term delivery. It's birthing time! I feel like I have a work for you. Called "PUSH" push past your disappointments, failures, and hurts. Make up in your mind month 9 is my time....

 This post changed my life and I birthed the book with Ivana's help."

- Stacie C.

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