The Spicy Wife Life Masterclass

3 Secrets to Becoming a Spicy Wife, The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary!


 April 3rd 2023 

7:00 pm cst


      Would you like to Become a Spicy Wife?

Would you like to evolve to a Spicy Wife Lifestyle? Come get these tools!!

This workshop is for...

Ambitious women who are stressed out! Women who haven’t had sex with their mates and are too tired from work. Women who don’t know how to be friends with their mates and don’t want to come home because they are arguing and fussing daily.

  You know your household is a hot mess. Let me help you be the best spicy you can be. Let me help you reach your relationship goals. Let me help you learn how to be friends with your mate. Let me show you what a successful relationship, having fun, and dating looks like.


The Spicy Wife Life Masterclass










This workshop isn't for you if...

You have no desire to change and hold yourself accountable for your actions. 

You blame, justify, or deny your actions and want your mate to be held accountable.

You’re only going through the motions in your relationship and lack putting in the effort required to reach your relationship goals.

Every person here is exactly where they are supposed to be. I’m sure there are 3 types of women here today: 

  • You want to become a Spicy Wife however, you don’t have the tools to be a Spicy Wife.
  • You’re frustrated with your mate. Love them but ready to unlock how to keep the spice alive and stay together.
  • You’ve hit a rough path and know its time to invest in your relationship and learn tools to work as a team and communicate without arguing.

This is your TIME! 

Say it with me. “I’m ready to move and take action in my relationship.

Remember this: It takes two people to build a relationship. However, it only takes one person to break the relationship apart. That one person is call “ME” SYNDROME. Vs “WE SYNDROME. Remember, it’s a partnership!

Ladies, let's talk...

Where are you in your relationship with your mate?

How did you get there? 

Where do you want to be?

I'm Ready To Learn The Signature Spicy Wife Formula!

It's time to...

get clear on what you want as a Spicy Wife, mom, and professional and become so unapologetic about your relationship, dreams, and goals. 

You want that BIG LIFE.

You want to have a happy fulfilled relationship.

My signature S.P.I.C.Y. formula that I’ve used over 30 years has been proven that it works.

This formula is how we’ve stayed married over 28 years! In this course, I will help you move past the common struggles that many ambitious women have felt. I will guide you through understanding who you are and help you discover how to create a successful relationship with yourself.

Learn how to keep your spice alive while becoming the help mate God destined for you to be.

It's more than being sexy.


S. P. I. C. Y.


S - Self (Self- Care, and Style)

P - Purpose (Passion, Elevation, Investing)

I - Intimacy (Into Me; Love yourself, Date Yourself, Healthy relationships with Self and Partner)

C - Communication (tools and resources to help become a better communicator)

Y - Yield (Yield to God, Yield to your Tongue, Yield to Your Mate)

Are you ready to...

be a Good Mate, Keep the Spice Alive and Reach Your Relationship Goals?

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