A little more about me


Heyyy, It’s Ivana Miles. I’m a Certified Relationship Coach, Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur! I love helping women reconnect, rekindle, and enjoy life and love again! I'm here to help you ignite the spice in your life and relationship.

 I'm on a mission building a community where women and wives transform, elevate, and love their lives and mate in every way. 

Grow together, enjoy teamwork, and cater to one another's needs while having fun doing it so that you can build the life of your dreams and have a happy fulfilled marriage.

I teach MY signature S.P.I.C.Y. Wife formula that will have you showing up better as a mate. You will find confidence and passion in your life.

I talk about this in "The Spicy Wife Life" masterclass, but I fully unpack the secret sauce in my "Spicy Wife intensive bootcamp".