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Ivana chose me as a friend over 20 years ago.

At the time, I didn’t realize that God had placed such a jewel in my life!  Ivana has been there for me during some of my happiest moments and darkest days.

She has been a big sister, mentor, prayer warrior, marriage counselor and confidant in the struggle of entrepreneurship, relationships and this thing we call life.

My mom always said, if you find one good friend in life, you are doing good!  Well, Ivana is no longer a friend but a SISTER!

I love you to the moon and back.  I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for your life and the many lives that you are going to touch through the Spicy Wife. 

Your wisdom and guidance have truly been an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful that now you have a platform to share your gifts with the world.

-Sonia Payton 

I met Ivana Miles years ago

as a highly recommended hair stylist, that could correct my Spring color with her incomparable skills.

She didn’t just correct my hair color that day, she became a confidant and coach in so many areas.

From marriage, career, to kids, Ivana is a gentle heart that has lived through it and has an army of women that can relate.

When we gather, there is always a spirit of unity and empowerment.  Ivana is a true gift to women, couples and moms around the country.

-Tifair Hamed

I.V.A.N.A. to know her is to “Love” her (it’s self-explanatory) …

“I” is for Inspiring

“V” is for Visionary

“A” is for Achiever

“N” is for Notable

“A” is for Angelic

My wonderful experience with my beautiful friend started when she was just a teenager.  She was one of those young people who you didn’t see hanging out with the crowd, because even back then she was about her business.  I’ve watched her blossom into this beautiful woman that has offered so much to communities all over... from the start of her styling career, to a corporate stylist professional, to a full fledge BOSS.  Entrepreneurship was always in her blood.

What I enjoy most about her journey is the wisdom that she pours out to people that she serves.  Serving is her true calling and purpose, and she does it with such grace and humility.  She is also receptive for the right people pouring into her as well so that she can continue to soar with the God given gift that has been bestowed upon her. 

Ivana is the truth... she is a perfect example of walking in faith! Ms. Ivana, keep shining bright like a diamond, so everyone that cross your path will be illuminated with encouragement to be the best person they can be.

-Gina Mabins 

When I met Ivana, I was newly divorced, focused; my heart was healed.

My daughter was entering her first year of college, and I was turning 40. This may sound crazy, it was my season to get that book from my heart and into the hands of women who was crying out for help.  It was time to PUSH that baby out and I came across Ivana post on social media at inspired me to PUSH. 
She posted September 2020. It's finally here! Just as a women who have been pregnant and waiting for her full term delivery.  It's birthing time!  I feel like I have a work for you. Called "PUSH" push past your disappointments, failures, and hurts.  Make up in your mind month 9 is my time.  I'm speaking to all my dreamers and action takers!  As a wife coach my job is to help those who have been called to the office of being a wife!  Single, married, or currently divorce.  It doesn't matter your current title.  The reason you want to push is because you want to grow, and do things different. "Hey I get it" I can hear you whispering to yourself " Help me be a better wife"
I help women discover being happy and healthy wives.  So that, they are better versions of themselves. 
Maybe your still waiting on Mr. Right or perhaps your laying next to him every night and yet you also need to push to keep those flames burning. Sis, 'PUSH" Until we chat tomorrow about 'creating happy marriage begins with intention" have a restful evening and talk with you tomorrow.
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This post changed my life and I birth the book a sound mind the rebirth by Stacie Calvin
Thank you
-Stacie Calvin